May 10 : Final Presentations + Publication Materials Due

Due Before Class: Please…

  • share your final LEA text with Shannon via Google Drive; your submission should include:
    • a short five- to seven-word title for your submission, which will appear as a subhead within the published article;
    • all team members’ names as you’d like them to appear in the publication (if you’d like to remain anonymous, we can use a team name or identify you as “anonymous”);  
    • your <1000-word text, with endnotes and references listed and numbered at the end in accordance with LEA’s guidelines;  and markers indicating where, within your article text, each of your images would ideally appear (make a hard break in-between paragraphs and note “IMAGE 1/2/3 ABOUT HERE.”)
    • captions for each of your images, formatted in accordance with LEA’s guidelines (do not submit a separate file; instead, make a hard page-break after your article and references, and add your captions on a final page).
    • a file name that indicates your text’s final status — e.g., “Footprint_Final” or “Nonhuman_Final.”
  • upload your three properly formatted images (main image, process image, systems map, as described in our 4/26 slide show) to this Google Drive folder. Images, preferably in TIFF format, should be 300 dpi and at least 10 cm wide. Please number your images 1, 2, and 3, in the order in which they should appear in your text. 
  • email Shannon when your text and images are finalized; please re-send the link to your Google Doc; and
  • and post your project text and images (both those you’re including in the publication and any additional images you’d like to share) to our class website; choose the category “Final Projects”

During Class: Each group will have ten minutes to share its work. These are informal and celebratory — not evaluative — presentations. You’re encouraged to focus on “touchpoints” — tangible, experiential aspects of your project, and/or user experiences and narratives, etc. — and to integrate some of your LEA text.

You’re welcome to invite guests and bring food and drink to share. I’ll order pizza. 

Photo: Venue’s walnut toolbox, under construction in the workshop of the designer, Semigood. [Photos by Venue]