April 19 : Mid-Semester Review

Group Presentations: Each group should aim to present no longer than ten minutes. Your primary agenda item is to share a prototype of your final project, including each of its components. Ideally, you’d share a physical model or a comprehensive representation that conveys the material form and “look + feel” of what you’ll ultimately submit at the end of the semester. Lead with “the thing” itself, so our visitors can quickly begin thinking concretely about your work, then provide some context: your conceptual foundation, your design process, your timeline for development, etc. Consider what kind of feedback you want and need at this stage, and pose questions to solicit that input. 

Guest Critics: Elliott Montgomery, Extrapolation Factory and Parsons Faculty; Mariana Mogilevich, architectural historian and Editor-in-Chief, Urban Omnibus; Taeyoon Choi, artist, designer, co-founder of the School for Poetic Computation; Andrew Blum, architecture / urbanism / tech journalist and author of Tubes: A Journey to the Center of the Internet

Here are our notes from the workshop.

For Next Week: iterate and test your projects based on the critics’ feedback 

Photo: The Faxed Newspaper, via ABC News