April 5 : Budget Prep + Groups Present Project Plans

Due Before Class: Groups’ Project Plans + Environmental Scans: see instructions here. Submit to Shannon, Jack, and Kate, by 4pm April 5 via Google Drive (Google Doc format is preferable, so we can add margin comments).

Guest: 4pm: Dirk Van Stee, Assistant Director of Budget and Operations, to distribute credit cards and discuss budgets

Presentations: Each group will have ten minutes to talk through its proposal, highlighting the starred bullet points (i.e., all the stuff with an asterisk on the assignment description). You’re welcome to use slides to emphasize your main points, share sketches, show images of precedent projects, etc., but please don’t feel obligated to develop a polished presentation!

Photo : Survey instruments used by Venue, 2012–13. [Photo by Nicola Twilley]