March 15 : Creating Intersections

In-Class Agenda: Group Formation: Sam Haddix, Transdisciplinary Design Alum + Parsons Faculty + Work Plan: Project Brief/Contract Worksheet with Jack + Kate

Due Before Class: Remember to review your classmates’ posts from last week, and to offer substantial (at least a couple sentences!) responses to at least two. This will help us start to identify alliances. And if you haven’t yet submitted your credit card form, please upload it to this Dropbox folder before class on Wednesday!

…And please read:

  • Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar & Paul Kaiser, Creative Collaborations (Helsinki Design Lab / Sitra, 2012).
  • Skim through Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook and Marco Steinberg, Recipes for Systemic Change (Helsinki Design Lab / Sitra, 2011) – in particular, the description of HDL’s studio process on 97-119

Bring to Class: two 3×5 index cards, each describing, diagramming, illustrating, etc., a different spatial intelligence topic that you find most compelling and would potentially like to explore in your final project. Please put your name on each card. Examples might include: public libraries, urban animal intelligences, urban archives, voting technologies, weather monitoring, emergency services, street art, drone co-ops, whatever… 

Group Workshop: Once we establish groups, we’ll have you complete a worksheet to begin generating ideas, which you can continue developing over Spring Break.

Photo : Helsinki Design Lab


Sam’s Presentation re: Group Formation + Dynamics