March 8 : Observing + Operationalizing Spatial Intelligence

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You needn’t read all of these texts closely; you’re welcome to skim through. Your primary goals are to create a mental inventory of potential forms of output, and to generate ideas – in particular, potential concrete forms – for your own projects. Then, as you’ll see below, you’ll need to choose one example for analysis. 

Due Before/In Class: Each of you should choose one precedent project – a kit, plan, performance, method, etc. (either featured in the readings for this week or inspired by the readings) that has some spatial-intelligence interest at its core. Assess…

  1. its subject matter or purview;
  2. its underlying epistemology and methodology (i.e., how does it frame “intelligence,” “knowledge,” or “smartness,” and the means by which it’s acquired?);
  3. how its format or mode of execution serves, or fails to serve, its purposes; and
  4. its weaknesses or unexplored critical dimensions.

Please post your ~600-word analysis (with links and illustrations!) to our class website before class, and be prepared to share your work in a five-minute (max!) informal in-class presentation. Then, over the course of the next week, please review your classmates’ posts and offer thoughtful, substantial (at least a couple sentences!) responses to two.

Image: Thomas Hawk, Carson Mansion, via Flickr, CC BY-NC 2.0


Supplemental Resources: