March 1 : Other Actual + Potential Urban Intelligences

…or Thinking Beyond “Smart”

Discussion: Other forms of intelligence 

Lab: Developing a catalogue of spatial intelligences. Here’s our spatial intelligence typology.

And here’s the catalogue we ultimately created!

Supplemental Resources:

  • Other Logics:
    • Brad Hargreaves, “We’re Already Building New Cities,” Medium Hothouse (January 16, 2017).
    • Harvey Molotch, “The City as Growth Machine: Toward a Political Economy of Place,” American Journal of Sociology 82:2 (September 1976): 309-32.
    • Other examples?
  • Civic Intelligence:
  • Media/Data Literacies and Civic Media as Counterbalances to Smart Technologies:
    • Shannon Mattern, “Public In/formation,” Places Journal (November 2016).
    • Paul Mihailidis and Roman Gerodimos, “Connecting Pedagogies of Civic Media: The Literacies, Connected Civics, and Engagement in Daily Life” in Eric Gordon and Eric Gordon and Paul Mihailidis, eds., Civic Media: Technology | Design | Practice (Cambridge, MIT Press, 2016): 371-91.
  • Actor-Networked/Cyborgian/Ecological Intelligences:
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Photo : Long Island City, Queens, New York. [Detail from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, 1903]