Sunday Morning Teaches Old People About Link NYC

As mentioned in class, I came across a funny little tid-bit on the Link NYC, and by came across I mean did my usual Sunday routine of wake up and turn on the soothing voices of CBS Sunday Morning (because not all news has to be bad!). Mo Rocca, the comic relief of the show, paid his weekly visit to the pay phones of New York. It was a nostalgic segment that had me reaching for my quarters. But then something threw me off… the show introduced us to the Link NYC and invited a “representative from the company who is installing them” (what no Sidewalk shout out?) to come talk on the show.

The short time they spent with the Links felt off, like the comedy was just a way of neglecting something. What also struck me was when I reminded myself of the demographic watching this show; old people (and me). Perhaps a way to present its “innocence” to a demographic that can be weary technology.

Regardless, Mo seemed to prefer the pay phone, and I think I do too.

You can read the full article here, or just watch the clip above.

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