Managing Your Expenses – Spend Up by 5/10!!

Here’s our Urban Intelligence Expense Folder. You’ll find all necessary forms and folders here.

Nota beneyou are responsible for keeping track of your expenses and ensuring that you don’t exceed your $200 limit.

For service expenses — e.g., independent contractors or students you might hire to edit your film or polish your app — you’ll need to work with Dirk Van Stee ( Please be respectful of his time; he’s serving not only the 22 of us, but also a couple hundred faculty and staff members. Try to group your questions or requests together into a single, clear, comprehensive email — or, if you have a particularly complicated request, ask him if you can schedule a phone call or a quick visit to his office @ 66 W 12th Street.  

For all other purchases: please collect receipts, physical or digital. Make sure your receipts list only eligible items; in other words, don’t absentmindedly slip a bag of chips into your shopping basket or Amazon cart.

You’ll ultimately need to upload a digital copy (pdf or jpg) of all receipts to our Urban Intel Receipt File. Please name your file as such: YourLastName_Date_Amount (e.g., for an April 10 receipt totaling $28.33, my filename would be Mattern_April10_2833).

Please then visit our Expense Spreadsheet to register your expense. You’ll be asked to insert your name, and to note if you’re a student employee (if you are, you can reconcile your own receipts via MyDay, using Cost Center #CC15055). In addition, you’ll insert your receipt file name (e.g., Mattern_April10_2833), the name of the vendor, a brief description of your purchased items, and a brief explanation of how your purchases will be used in your project (so we can classify and thus justify the expense).   

And please, for the sake of Shannon’s sanity, please try to group your purchases, rather than submitting 50 separate receipts for $1.00 each.

We ask that you please upload and log your receipts within three days of incurring them.

Your cards will be deactivated on 5/11, so you’ll need to spend your $200 by 5/10! And please make sure everything is registered by noon on Monday, May 15. We won’t reconcile any receipts after this date.

Happy spending!

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