Publication Opportunity: Tech in Community Building, Tech as Equity Advocate…

From Judeth Choi @ CMU:
I’m writing today as an editor of ACM’s student magazine XRDS (like CACM but for students
The fall issue is on “The Computer Scientist.” We’ll investigate what a computer scientist is and the values inherent in technical problem solving, as well as ask questions about the role of the computer scientist in society, how that changes in different contexts and when different people take on the role.
We’d love for you (or your colleagues/students/community partners at the Digital Equity Lab) to contribute an article. I am particularly interested in the computer scientist as community builder or as a partner with community builders (What do community builders want from computer scientists? How can computer scientists be good partners?), but am also very interested in any perspective that asks what it means to advocate and fight for equity while navigating the technology sector.
Some quick details: Articles are by invitation, and may cover previously published findings and ideas (in fact, a higher-level synthesis and broader view is encouraged). Articles are roughly ~2500 words long and are archived in the ACM Digital Library.
If you’re interested we’d need to know in the next couple of days (please do let me know either way). The deadline for articles is June 4. We’d be happy to provide any further information.
If you are not available, but have suggestions of colleagues who may be interested in contributing to the issue, please let me know!
Thanks for considering this!