March 28: Workshopping Project Ideas + Finding Intersections

Image: Helsinki Design Lab

In today’s class, you’ll each have five minutes to share your project proposal. We’ll prepare a collaborative slideshow on Google Slides. Each student will be allocated five slides: (1) a title slide, where you’ll put your name and (tentative) project title; (2) a slide with a brief description of the critical themes and topics informing your project; (3) a slide describing the material format of your project; and (4-5) two slides to use as you wish. You can save your “environmental scan” for next week’s Precedent Studies workshop. You’re encouraged to incorporate images and other media.

And while you’re free to work independently on your projects, you’re also welcome to join forces with one or more students to produce a more comprehensive “kit of parts.” Those presenting as part of a group can simply multiply their time and slide count by the number of group members. These collaboration resources might be of use:

  • Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar & Paul Kaiser, Creative Collaborations (Helsinki Design Lab / Sitra, 2012).
  • Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook and Marco Steinberg, Recipes for Systemic Change (Helsinki Design Lab / Sitra, 2011) – in particular, the description of HDL’s studio process on 97-119.
  • This group Project Brief, from our Spring 2017 Urban Intelligence class, which can help to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

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