April 11: Methods + Instruments

Yardsticks, Shaker Museum, Chatham, NY, photo by Shannon

Today, we’ll take a little break from your projects and explore another researcher/designer’s methods for exploring urban intelligences. Then we’ll play around with our own measurement instruments.

Guest: Bryan Boyer @ 4pm

Instrument-Building Lab: After our methods discussion, we’ll build some speculative measurement tools using the Extrapolation Factory’s 99-cent Futures method! Check out what we did last year.

Supplemental Resources: 

  • Francisco Laranjo, “Critical Everything,” Grafik (March 8, 2015);
  • Bryan Boyer, Justin W. Cook and Marco Steinberg, Legible Practices: Six Stories about the Craft of Stewardship (Sitra, 2013) – particularly their one-page method profiles on pp. 34-40, 53-7, 68-75, 86-93, 104-11, 123-8.


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