April 18: (A-Good-Bit-Past-)Mid-Semester Review

Image: Bucky Fuller @ Black Mountain College, via Data Is Nature

Guest Critics:

We’ll organize you into thematic clusters – primarily for the sake of our guests, who can probably more comfortably endure five “acts” rather than 15 separate soliloquys. We’ll split the class into two groups, with three critics assigned to each. One group will meet in our regular classroom, and the other will meet in the Urban Lab @ UC 515 (or 79 5th Ave, 16th Floor, as a backup).

We’ll prepare a collaborative slideshow on Google Slides in the week leading up to class. Each student will be allocated seven slides; you choose how to use them!

We’ll allocate 20 minutes to each of you. You should aim to present for no longer than seven or eight minutes, leaving plenty of time for feedback from your three guest critics.

Your primary agenda item is to share a “prototype” (or an intelligible outline, sketch, or model) of your final project, including each of its components. Ideally, you’d share a physical model or a comprehensive representation that conveys the material or conceptual form and “look + feel” of what you’ll ultimately submit at the end of the semester. Lead with “the thing” itself, so our visitors can quickly begin thinking concretely about your work, then provide some context: your conceptual foundation, your process, your timeline for development, etc. Consider what kind of feedback you want and need at this stage, and pose questions to solicit that input.

Summary of Critics’ Comments

Image: Bucky Fuller @ Black Mountain College

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