May 2: Final Presentations I

Grinnell Lithographic Company, Ford Exhibit: “Cycle of Production,” via Museum of the City of New York, public domain

You’ll be submitting your final projects next week. This week, we’ll review six or seven students’ works-in-progress: Cristina, Zoe, Tim, Julia, Samiha, Allie, Fiona 

You’ll each have fifteen minutes to share your work — no more than ten minutes for your presentation, and at least five minutes for discussion. These are informal and celebratory — not evaluative — presentations. You’re encouraged to focus on “touchpoints” — tangible, experiential aspects of your project, and/or user experiences and narratives, etc. If you’ve got stuff to show, please bring it to share!

While you’re not obligated to use slides, if you do choose to do so, please use our collaborative slideshow.

Image: Tellart

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