April 25: Workshop + Desk Consultations

Image: St. Louis Map Room, via Jer Thorp

Publication Template: We’ll discuss formatting guidelines for your final documentation. Please come to class prepared to discuss how you’d like to represent your work in our class publication: how many and what kind of images do you anticipate including?; how long will your text be?; will you be linking to any online material? etc. etc. etc. And please think about your production schedule: what help do you require? If you’ll be including text in your final submission, and you’d like me (Shannon) to review it before handing it over to Jonas for publication, I’ll need to see it by Friday, May 4, at the latest.

Individual Meetings: We’ll meet briefly with each of you to discuss your publication plans, as well as how you’ve incorporated, rejected, or modified the critics’ feedback from last week. Please bring work to occupy yourselves while you’re waiting for your appointment!

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